Record of Fieldtrips. Taiwan, Penghu, Jinmen, Ryukyu and more. 田野調查的記錄。台灣,澎湖,金門,琉球及其他的

These data files contain the description of field trips in terms of the site, the date, one object of the site and one photo of the object. The files on Taiwan, Penghu, Jinmen and Ryukyu don't contain the sites of the type 'tomb'. Graveyards however are listed. If you want to know the data of visit for each tomb, refer to the file allVisits.csv which includes all tombs, but also all sites outside the areas mentioned above. These include China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Europe and the US. As this file currently contains more than 60.000 entries, we only don't provide the kmz-file as the file might crash your system.

Data and Resources

Basic Information

Data Type
  • Archived data
  • Standard office documents
  • Audiovisual data
  • Scientific and statistical data formats
  • Structured text

Spatio-temporal Information

Temporal Resolution Daily
Start Time 1975-01-01
End Time 2021-08-10
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X.min 0.0
X.max -180
Y.min -13.205708784404177
Y.max 73.75612798272442

Management Information

Creator Oliver Streiter, James X. Morris, Hanna Ya-qing Zhan
Created Time 2021-12-29
Process Step
  • Fieldwork
  • Data compilation
Contact Person Oliver Streiter
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