Online Visit to The Nanshan Gravesite | 線上造訪南山墓地

This dataset collects the source materials used for the construction of a website for an online visit to the Nanshan gravesite, based on the panoramic images captured during the guided tour on 2021-10-14. The Marzipano tool is used to create a navigable 360° view of the gravesite.

此資料集收錄 2021-10-14 南山墓地導覽時所拍攝的全景影像,並用這些全景影像製作一個線上造訪南山墓地的網站。使用 Marzipano 工具以建立可走動的 360° 場景。

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Spatio-temporal Information

Temporal Resolution Daily
Start Time 2021-10-14
End Time 2021-10-14
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Spatial Resolution 100

Management Information

Creator Tyng-Ruey Chuang and Yu-Chia Monica Mu
Process Step

The online visit website was created using the Marzipano tool. A video tutorial can be found on YouTube .

線上造訪網站使用 Marzipano 工具製作。在 YouTube 上有教學影片

Contact Person Tyng-Ruey Chuang
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