2018 pa workshop_Module E_離地-高灰 Fly High

  • 講師 Mentor:馬可.杜賽耶 Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller
  • 助教 Teaching Assistant:孟憲奇 Curtis Meng
  • 學員 Participants:
    黃俊錚 Chun Cheng Huang、Jackie Hsiao、Saad Chinoy、Catherine Jiang、江俊毅 Chun-Yi Chiang、張美宇 Mei-Yu Chang、陳佳妤 Jia-Yu Chan
  • 內容 Description:
    為了應對社會最急迫的議題(如:環境,社會不公正,全球化),藝術家們採用新的跨學科實踐方式,結合使用開源工具(OST)與駭客策略,與不同領域的人共同合作。 文化培養皿(DIWO (Do It With Others) Culture)將以個案分析,實踐實驗和團隊專案向學生們介紹這些策略。第一版將關注在環境監測和藝術詮釋的開源工具。
    To engage with the most pressing issues (environment, social injustice, globalisation) of society, artist have embraced new transdisciplinary practices, which combine the use of open source tools (OST) and hacking strategies in a collaborative manner with “others”. DIWO (Do It With Others) Culture will introduce such strategies through case studies, hands-on experimentation and team projects to the students. This first edition will focus on OST for environmental monitoring and artistic interpretation.
  • 參考資料 Reference:
    Related courseware… also about balloons:
    DIWO Culture : Hacking art/Sci/Tech & Activism

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