Algal Reef Soundscape

Underwater soundscapes of algal reefs at Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Acoustic Recorders. SoundTrap 300STD recorders were used to collect underwater recordings. Two SoundTrap recorders were used in three surveys: SoundTrap 300STD #1 SN1208004643; SoundTrap 300STD #2 SN805347354.

Configuration of Audio Recording. (1) Duration: 5 min. (2) Sampling Rate: 96kHz. (3) Channels: 1. (4) File Format: WAV (converted by SUD). (5) Audio Gain: High. (6) High Pass Filter: Off.

Field Deployment. Each SoundTrap recorder was fixed vertically on an angle steel at the bottom. The recorder was exposed in the air during low tide, so the collection of underwater recordings were only possible 3 hours before and after the high water.

Data Processing. We used the LTSA_gui ( to visualize the spectral-temporal change of long-duration recordings. By the median-based long-term spectrogram, we employed the periodicity-coded non-negative matrix factorization ( to separate the audio data into two components: (1) high-frequency biological chorus, and (2) low-frequency ambient noise. The relative intensities of the two components were analyzed.



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起始時間 2018-05-17
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空間範圍.X.min 121.00118637084961
空間範圍.X.max 121.07500076293947
空間範圍.Y.min 24.989772812172564
空間範圍.Y.max 25.050749340454743


產製者 Tzu-Hao Lin
資料產製時間 2019-03-25
聯絡人 Tzu-Hao Lin