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臺灣高海拔草原生態系土壤溫度資料,依照 Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments 的多峰法(multi-summit approach)設置土壤溫度計,在四個方位(東、西、南、北)逐時記錄土壤溫度資料。

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Basic Information

Data Type
  • Source code
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  • Scientific and statistical data formats
  • Structured text
  • Plain text
  • Chinese (zho)
  • English (eng)

NOTE: There are instances where some timestamps have additional temperature data from two sources. Currently, we are exploring options to handle this situation effectively. To ensure the data is always available, we have deployed two data loggers at the same site.

Updating log

2023-02-11 16:22:02
- update TW-HQM-SMN and TW-HQM-QNS summits,
TW-HQM-SMN: 2021-06-30 to 2023-02-05
TW-HQM-QNS: 2021-08-28 to 2023-01-13
2022-09-11 22:31:46
- update TW-SYU summits (add 351,782 records),
from 2020-02-29 to 2022-09-09. Please see datalogger_deploy_time
for details
2022-08-28 13:56:40
- remove empty temperature records
- Version: 0.1.3
- Latest update date: 2023-02-11
- 5,650,255 records

  • definition of columns:
    • id: serial, unique
    • region: target region (DAS, SYU, HQM, SAC, NAH)
    • summit: summit code
    • direction: E/N/S/W
    • verbatim_timestamp: verbatim timestamp
    • timestamp: adjusted timestamp
    • year: 4 digit year
    • month: month
    • day: day of the month
    • hour: hour
    • temperature: soil temperature (Celcius)
    • datalogger: datalogger type, ex: Geoprecision mlog5w, Hobo mx2203, etc.
    • note: just note
    • temperature2: the second temperature data (only Hobo mx2303)
    • temperature_corrected: corrected temperature value (I did not correct temperature yet)
    • datalogger_serial: serial number of datalogger

Spatio-temporal Information

Temporal Resolution Daily
Start Time 2008-09-05
End Time 2023-02-05
Spatial Coverage show more
X.min 121.02678652
X.max 121.44564751
Y.min 23.29227098
Y.max 24.38579966

Management Information

Creator Cheng-Tao Lin (林政道)
Created Time 2023-02-11
Process Step
  1. Collect hourly soil temperature data using Geoprecision MLog5w, MLog5w-fg2, Onset Hobo Tidbit UTB-001, MX2303, MX2304 and MX2203
  2. Standardize the data format by shell script
  3. Preprocessed data were imported into PostgreSQL database
Contact Person Cheng-Tao Lin (林政道)
Contact Person Email