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臺灣高海拔草原生態系土壤溫度資料,依照 Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments 的多峰法(multi-summit approach)設置土壤溫度計,在四個方位(東、西、南、北)逐時記錄土壤溫度資料。

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Wikidata Keywords

  • Q8502
  • Q11466
  • Q125928

Basic Information

Data Type
  • Source code
  • Databases
  • Standard office documents
  • Scientific and statistical data formats
  • Structured text
  • Plain text
  • Chinese (zho)
  • English (eng)
  • definition of columns:
    • id: serial, unique
    • region: target region (DAS, SYU, HQM, SAC, NAH)
    • summit: summit code
    • direction: E/N/S/W
    • verbatim_timestamp: verbatim timestamp
    • timestamp: adjusted timestamp
    • year: 4 digit year
    • month: month
    • day: day of the month
    • hour: hour
    • temperature: soil temperature (Celcius)
    • datalogger: datalogger type, ex: Geoprecision mlog5w, Hobo mx2203, etc.
    • note: just note
    • temperature2: the second temperature data (only Hobo mx2303)
    • temperature_corrected: corrected temperature value (I did not correct temperature yet)
    • datalogger_serial: serial number of datalogger

Spatio-temporal Information

Temporal Resolution Daily
Start Time 2008-09-05
End Time 2023-02-05
Spatial Coverage show more
X.min 121.02678652
X.max 121.44564751
Y.min 23.29227098
Y.max 24.38579966

Management Information

Creator Cheng-Tao Lin (林政道)
Created Time 2023-02-11
Process Step
  1. Collect hourly soil temperature data using Geoprecision MLog5w, MLog5w-fg2, Onset Hobo Tidbit UTB-001, MX2303, MX2304 and MX2203
  2. Standardize the data format by shell script
  3. Preprocessed data were imported into PostgreSQL database
Contact Person Cheng-Tao Lin (林政道)
Contact Person Email