The Japanese Column as Penghu Tombstone Style

The Japanese Column as Penghu Tomb­stone Style compiled by Oliver Streiter, James X. Morris and HannaYaqing Zhan document Japanese-­style column-­shaped tombstones on the Penghu archipelago.

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Spatio-temporal Information

Temporal Resolution Daily
Start Time 1975-01-01
End Time 2021-08-10
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X.min 119.35437021777035
X.max 119.7696532867849
Y.min 23.15967961618694
Y.max 23.85481904481571
Spatial Resolution 20

Management Information

Creator Oliver Streiter, James X. Morris, Hanna Ya-qing Zhan
Created Time 2021-12-28
Process Step
  • Fieldwork
  • Segmentation
  • Annotation
  • Transcription
Contact Person Oliver Streiter
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