Sea turtle sightings in Taiwan | 台灣海龜目擊紀錄

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We describe a dataset of sea turtle sightings around the coast of Taiwan and its islands. The data was collected by citizen scientists and reported to TurtleSpot Taiwan, a citizen science initiative that collects sea turtle sighting data mainly through the Facebook group ( This dataset includes 3,515 sighting data dated from March 2010, except most of the data (n=3,128; 89%) falls were between June 2017 to December 2021. A standardized format of basic sighting information was suggested to anyone who wishes to report the occurrence. We also request photos and videos for turtle species identification and to record any physical abnormality. In addition to the basic data often associated with an occurrence, TurtleSpot aims to identify each sea turtle up to the individual level using the Photo ID method. Hence, if a good quality photo of left- and right-facial scutes were available, the sighted individual can be identified and given a unique Turtle ID. In total, 762 turtle individuals were assigned a turtle ID, comprising 723 green, 38 hawksbill, and 1 olive ridley turtles. The data of TurtleSpot Taiwan has allowed some ecological observations of sea turtles in the wild, such as witnessing the recovery of some injured turtles, behaviours, intra- and inter-species interactions, and physical abnormality. These data will offer essential information that helps to understand the foraging ecology of sea turtles and assists in the development of conservation measures.

The purpose for preparing the current dataset was for a few reasons: (1) a give back to our community since most of these data were their contributions, (2) for an ongoing research on sea turtle foraging ecology in Taiwan (Fong et al., in prep), and (3) publicly open the data for advancement especially in the scientific and conservation communities.

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Start Time 2010-03-23
End Time 2021-12-29
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X.min -157.441463470459
X.max 177.25513458251956
Y.min -45.90291080693288
Y.max 76.33572559157776

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