Penghu House Georeferences 澎湖房子的基本空間資訊

This dataset contains a very limited set of spatial references for about 1.100 houses of the Penghu Archipelago. Some islands like Niayu, Hujing, Tongpan or Huayu are extensively covered, meaning that the samples might make up 80 or 90% of the local populations. On other islands or in other communities, houses are sampled mainly as a side-effect of other sampling activities, such as sampling Shigandang or Five Generals. The most important attributes in this data set specify the location, orientation smf altitude of a house, as well as the distance from the center of the village or the distance to the nearest coast-line. These data might be useful for studies of fengshui, disaster prevention and cultural adaptations to climatic conditions. The architecture of the house, it's time of erection or the style are not covered in this dataset and might be added in later versions. Most covered ommunities are:

Jiangjun'ao 223

Hujing 124

Huayu 107

Niaoyu 87

Zhongtun 49

Xiaomen 43

Dacang 41

Dongyupingyu 38

Dongji 35

Tongpan 34

Yuanbei 30

Chang'an 23

Jibei 22

Shagang 21

Xiyupingyu 18

Huxi 16

Shui'an 10

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Basic Information

Data Type
  • Archived data
  • Scientific and statistical data formats
  • Structured text
Language English (eng)

Spatio-temporal Information

Spatial Coverage show more
X.min 119.37716698274018
X.max 119.75289937108757
Y.min 23.147557785738066
Y.max 23.808590707265598
Spatial Resolution 20

Management Information

Creator Oliver Streiter, Hanna Ya-qing Zhan
Created Time 2022-06-11
Process Step

Fieldwork: Taking photos of houses and compass Annotation: Annotating the direction from the compass Compilation

Contact Person Oliver Streiter
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