Penghu Five Generals 澎湖五營

Penghu Five Generals 澎湖五營 refers to a system of little shrines that protect the settlement. Prototypically, there should be five generals, but some villages on Penghu might have seven, nine, ten or more. The data files contain information on the single general shrines and one entry for the general system of one community.

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Basic Information

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  • Archived data
  • Audiovisual data
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  • Structured text
  • Chinese (zho)
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  • Min Nan Chinese (nan)

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Spatio-temporal Information

Temporal Resolution Daily
Start Time 2009-09-05
End Time 2021-12-09
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X.min 119.28295908495785
X.max 119.74877933040263
Y.min 23.165234870231153
Y.max 23.820149297689
Spatial Resolution 20

Management Information

Creator Oliver Streiter, Hanna Ya-qing Zhan, James X. Morris, George Kang
Created Time 2022-01-01
Process Step
  • Fieldwork
  • Segmentation
  • Annotation
  • Compilation
Contact Person Oliver Streiter
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