Penghu Earthgod Shrines 澎湖土地公廟

Penghu Earthgod Shrines 澎湖土地公廟, compiled by James X. Morris, Oliver Streiter, Hanna Yaqing Zhan and George Kang documents the Earthgod shrines on the Penghu Archipelago. Many of these shrines are close to the sea or even directly oversee­ing coastlines, beaches, harbors or the sea. What is the relation between the Earth­ god and the sea, why are some Earthgod shrines being upgraded to temples of non­-local deitites and why do some Eathgod shrines disappear in the course of history? Earthgod shrines are more than shrines of a lower­ status local deity. They pattern in a form that re­flect the daily life on Penghu and its trans­ formation throughout time.

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Creator James X. Morris, Oliver Streiter, Hanna Yaqing Zhan and George Kang
Created Time 2022-01-01
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