Programmable Data Repositories

We present some of the recent development at the depositar, a research data repository built on top of CKAN.

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Basic Information

Data Type
  • Standard office documents
  • Audiovisual data
Language English (eng)

The poster, slides and video were presented at Open Repository 2022 on June 7.

Spatio-temporal Information

Temporal Resolution Daily
Start Time 2022-06-06
End Time 2022-06-09

Management Information

Creator Cheng-Jen Lee, Tyng-Ruey Chuang
Created Time 2022-05
Process Step

The abstract was prepared as markdown text file and then exported as PDF file.

The poster and the slides were prepared, and then exported as PDF files, by using Google Drawings and Google Slides respectively.

The script/subtitles are recorded as an AIFF file then split into four files by using QuickTime Player. The audio files were volume-boosted, and then exported as AAC files by using iMovie, one AAC file for each PNG image. For each slide, the audio was synched with the PNG image to make a MP4 video by using the following ffmpeg command (here slide 1 is used as an example):

ffmpeg -loop 1 -i 01.png -i 01.m4a -c:v h264_videotoolbox -b:v 3000k -c:a copy -shortest -vf scale=1920:1080 01.mp4

The 4 MP4 files '1. mp4', '2.mp4', ..., '4.mp4' were concatenated to make a final output video file 'all.mp4':

ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i files.txt -c copy all.mp4

while the file 'files.txt' includes the following lines:

file '1.mp4' 
file '2.mp4' 
file '3.mp4' 
file '4.mp4'

All files were prepared on macOS 12.4.

Contact Person Cheng-Jen Lee
Contact Person Email