Module B_自由軟體的幾何繪圖與影像處理

  • 講師 Mentor:李駿 Chun Lee
  • 助教 Teaching Assistant:阿亂
  • 學員 Participants: 凌宗廷 Zong-Ting Ling、盧永騰、施威任、陳傅鈺 Fu-Yu Chen、徐啟泰 Terry Hsu、黃鈺婷、王昱翔 Yu-Xiang Wang、葉于甄、翁慶恩 Adwin Gene Wong、鄭明郡、陳亦貞Yi-Chen Chen 、李昀臻 Yun-Jen Lee
  • 內容 Description: 在本課程中,學員們將學習以「傳統手作」及「數位生成」的方式繪製幾何圖形,藉由體驗兩種不同的創作方式,促使學員們思考「數位科技」在藝術創作中所扮演的角色。在傳統創作的部分,學員們在「法則」與「程序」的精神之下,以摺紙、對稱的概念,使用尺規作圖,引導學員對使用工具與創作內容的思考。在數位生成的部分,學員們將藉由ImageMagick,Python,FFmpeg,Pd/Gem等自由軟體,將傳統創作課程中所訂定的「法則」與「程序」數位化,從中體驗與反思不同創作模式所帶來的不同感受。
    Using procedural geometry, this module aims to provide the participants with both “traditional/hand made” and “technological/programmed” methods of production, thus encourages the discourse on the role which technology, or simply tools, can play in art making. Traditional methods such as compass and straightedge construction, paper folding geometry and paper tracing will be introduced. These techniques will also demonstrates the concepts of algorithmic procedures. By using Free Software such as ImageMagick, Python, FFmpeg, Pd/Gem, participants will be able to “digitalizes” the above mentioned methods into generative digital images or animations. It is hoped that through experiencing different modes of production, the participants can engage with any future mediums in a more subtle and meaningful way.
  • 工具 Software/equipment/material: 學員自備:筆電(需安裝Linux) 備用:紙(描圖紙、一般繪圖紙)、比、直尺、棉線、圓規
  • 參考資料 Reference: Imagemagick :

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