Module A_我的寵物 “嗜極菌 My Pet Extremophiles

  • 講師 Mentor:矢沛拉Špela Petrič
  • 助教 Teaching Assistant:林沛瑩 Pei-Ying Lin
  • 學員 Participants: 朱祐辰 York Chu、顧廣毅 Fred Ku、伍敏宣 Esme Wu、賴昶衡 Chang-Heng Lai、楊媁雰 Wei-Fen Yan、韓采容、陳家正 Chia-Cheng Chen、楊朝皓 Chao-Hao Yang 、洪翎嘉 Ling-Jia Hong、黃詩媛 CHU, York、Ku, Fred、WU, MIN HSUAN、Lai , Chang-Heng、YANG, Wei-Fen、韓采容、CHEN, Chia-Cheng、Yang, Chao-Hao、HONG, Ling-Jia、黃詩媛

  • 內容 Description: 甚麼是“嗜極菌” (Extremophiles)? 它們長得甚麼樣?在哪能找到它們?管它們那麼多做什麼嘛 ? 這個課程將會介紹住在極端環境裡的微生物,它們在當代環境中的生存與被忽視。我們會在課程中蓋個圈養“嗜極端菌” 的小屋,易於測試與調整不同的環境變數 ,例如:溫度,鹽度,紫外線輻射,壓力,氧氣等等。再來,將不同的微生物轉置並接種於小屋內,以便觀察自然法則的成長變化,例如,何種生物可以在哪些環境下生長… 我們也可透過USB網路攝影機製作縮時攝影 (time-lapse),紀錄這些在極端環境成長的微生物以其變化。
    What are extremophiles? What do they look like? Where can we find them? And what is the fuss about them anyway? This module will introduce organisms, adapted to living under extreme conditions and draw attention to their presence in our modern landscape, both noticed and overlooked. We will attempt to build small chambers, intended for culturing extremophiles, which will allow us to adjust various environmental parameters (temperature, salinity, UV radiation, pressure, oxygen). Finally, we will inoculate the chamber with a mixture of microorganisms and in time (as they grow) observe natural selection i.e. which of the species survives set conditions… We might even add a webcam and make a time-lapse of microbial growth. Related Fields of practices: BioMedia, Natural Selection&Future Life, Evolution&Extinction, BioSensor&Physical Computing.

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