Language Atlas of the Pacific Geo-Registered - GIS Dataset

Registered scans of the maps from the Language Atlas of the Pacific Area (excluding the maps of Japan) are made available through the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) Metadata Clearinghouse as a result of cooperation between Academia Sinica and the ECAI Austronesian Atlas Team led by David Blundell and Lawrence Crissman. The Australian Academy of the Humanities, which owns the copyright to the available maps, has graciously permitted their reproduction and distribution in this digital format, and we are grateful for their support. Any public use of the maps should acknowledge their source and copyright ownership.

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Language English (eng)

Language Atlas of the Pacific Area, Wurm and Hattori 1981 and 1983. Composite GIS dataset for all spatial boundaries of the Digital Language Atlas of the Pacific Area maps.

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End Time 1981
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Management Information

Creator ECAI - UNESCO, Australian Academy of the Humanities in collaboration with the Japan Academy
Process Step

Creation of the GIS files from the printed maps was done by the GIS group at Academia Sinica, Taiwan in Collaboration with David Blundell and Lawrence Crissman.

Contact Person Jeanette Zerneke
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