Landscape Documentation Workshop Information | 地景紀錄工作坊資訊

2021 Workshop on Cultural and Natural Landscape Documentation

2021 文化與自然地景紀錄工作坊

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Workshop Schedule 工作坊時程

10:00 - 12:00

  • 王豫煌 Yu-Huang Wang
    以 360° 全景影像和錄音紀錄環境變遷
    Documenting environmental changes with 360° photos and audio
  • 陳瑞霖 Dennis Chen
    OpenStreetMap 與 Wikidata 在台灣的自然與文化(後設)資料扮演的保存角色
    The roles of OpenStreetMap and Wikidata in the preservation of the natural and cultural (meta)data of Taiwan
  • 陳振宇 Chen-Yu Chen
    Telemetry and historical landscape image collaboration platform — BigGIS&Photo@SWCB
  • 張齡方 Ling-Fang Chang
    Application of mobile streetscape equipment in crop survey

13:30 - 15:30

  • Oliver Streiter 奧利華
    Towards the Interpretation of Cultural Landscapes through Cognitive Grammars
  • 周宏達 Hung-Ta Chou
    數位 3D 保存應用——基淡雙城 400 年 VR 展
    Digital 3D preservation application — VR exhibition of Keelung-Danshui Twin Cities
  • 詹進發 Jihn-Fa Jan
    Application of collaborative mapping and Virtual/Augmented Reality in Digital Humanities
  • 莊庭瑞 Tyng-Ruey Chuang
    Open repositories for landscape documentations

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