Experimental Cultural Landscape Imaging and Documentation | 實驗性的文化地景成像與紀錄

The slideset, script, and some imagery for a presentation at the ECAI (Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative) Online Workshop, part of the PNC 2022 Conference. PNC/ECAI 2022 program is available at the conference website.

The presentation was given by Tyng-Ruey Chuang and Yu-Huang Wang, in collaboration with the depositar team.

於「電子文化圖集發起」(Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, ECAI) 線上工作坊報告的投影片、講稿、以及部份影像檔案。PNC/ECAI 2022 議程 請見大會網站。


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Start Time 2022-09-16
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Creator Tyng-Ruey Chuang and Yu-Huang Wang | 莊庭瑞與王豫煌
Created Time 2022-09
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