2018 pa workshop_short talk and course

2018 playaround workshop系列活動,包含六場精采短講、八場工作坊課程與共創、「科技藝術實驗創新及輔導推動計畫」的輔助團隊成果分享,以及實驗聲響演出與十週年派對。 The 2018 Playaround Workshop consists of a series of events, including six inspiring short talks, eight workshops and Do-It-With-Others activities, a “Technology Art Experiment Innovation and Guidance Program” team sharing event, an experimental sound performance and a party to celebrate the tenth anniversary.

【系列短講 short talk series】
- 數位本質中的新空間敘事 New Space Narrative in the Digital Essence |施懿珊 Shih Yi-Shan
- 在湮滅的過去裡,倒退著前進 Going Forward Backwards, In the Annihilated Past|唐澄暐 Tang Chen-Wei. - 民間譚中的科幻The Science Fiction in Folktale|楊雨樵 Yu Chiao Yang
- 人與人造物的社群 Human and the Community of Artifacts|侯君昊 June-Hao Hou
- 開放文化 open culture|馬可·杜塞耶Marc Dusseiller - 科學領域中的開源硬體及其未來想像 Speculative Futures of Open Science Hardware|烏爾斯·高登茲 Urs Gaudenz

【短課程 short course】
-「與機器協作-給創作者的機器學習入門」工作坊 workshop “Co-work with Machine”|紀柏豪 Chi Po-hao
-「野 許你不用記得我 ─ (不知名的野草偵查遊戲)」工作坊 “You Need Not Remember Me” workshop|採集人共作室 the Collectors Cospace(陳科廷 Curting Chen、賴怡辰 Yi-Chern Lai)
- 「新三體關係:從後人類到超人」講座 Lecture “Post-science turned reality. How a science fiction vision of conflict is long becoming reality”|蘇紳源Semi Su、吳迺菲Naifei Wu、張顥馨Austin Chang、陳珈汝 Chia-Ru Chen
- 「後科幻成真-當科幻小說中的衝突想像成為現實」講座 Post science fiction turned reality: How a science fiction vision of conflict is long becoming reality|Tobias Burgers(Speaker),李士傑Ily Lee (Discussant)

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