2018 pa workshop_Module D_阿基拉 AKIRA

  • 講師 Mentor:林欣傑 Keith Lam
  • 助教 Teaching Assistant:韓家俊 Seth Hon、鄭道元 Clansie Cheng Daoyuan
  • 學員 Participants:
    蔡詠興 Yung-Hsing Tsai、Shun Chang、楊茜昀 Chian-Yun Yang、Yi Lin Chuang、陳肯 Ken Chen、周冠廷 Kuan Ting, Chou、葉俞君 Yu-Jun Yeh、魏可 Wei、謝明希 Miaha Hsieh、黃浩旻 Hao-Min Huang、籃嘉琪 Jia-Qi Lan、Innon Chu、侯瑾穎 Jin-Ying Hou、YuJun Ye、卞士勝 Shi-Sheng Bian
  • 內容 Description:
    2019年,日本飽受政治腐敗和犯罪的困擾,重建的「新東京」更是動亂嚴重。」《阿基拉》 「2019年11月的洛杉磯,退職警察瑞克·戴克被官員蓋夫截住,蓋夫帶他去見老長官布萊恩。身為一名「銀翼殺手」,戴克的工作是追捕被稱為人造人的生化機械人,並令他們「退役」。」《銀翼殺手》 看來我們距離 Sci-fi 的世界除了 2001 之外,2019 是個關鍵詞。不管是《阿基拉》的島鐵雄,還是《銀翼殺手》的殺手們,半人半機的生命體在介面都充滿無限想像。工作坊 “AKIRA” 以阿基拉的超常神秘力量作為藍圖,思考人機介面的可能,用 low-fi 方法把身體成為操作介面,但創造的不是武器,而是樂器。工作坊將使用由Dimension Plus 開發、以Arduino為基礎的 STEAM 套件- 一套方便入門者/藝術家/設計師創作電子藝術的套件。
    “The year 2019 saw Japan being plagued by political corruption and crime and even more turbulent was the reconstructed ‘New Tokyo’.” — Akira “In Los Angeles, November 2019, a retired police officer Rick Dyke is intercepted by a government official Goff and taken to see the old chief Brian. As a ‘blade runner’, Dyke’s job is to hunt down the cyborgs and ‘decommission’ them.” — The Blade Runner Other than “2001”, “2019” is a keyword when it comes to describing the distance between now and the sci-fi world. Be it Tetsuo Shima in Akira, or the killers in the Blade Runner, the interface with half-human and half-machine lives has always been full of imagination.The workshop “AKIRA” uses Akira‘s superhuman abilities as a blueprint to explore the possibilities of the human-machine interface. Participants will be using low-fi music to turn their bodies into operating interfaces, but they will not be creating weapons but musical instruments.
    The workshop will use Arduino-based STEAM set developed by Dimension Plus. It is a set especially designed for beginners/artists/designers to create digital art.
    Heavy is near. Come play with us!

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Start Time 2018-10-15
End Time 2018-10-19

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Creator Dimension Plus
Created Time 2023-03
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