2018 pa workshop_Module A_時空膠囊-跨越時光的通訊 Time Capsules - concepts for cross-eon communication

  • 講師 Mentor:多摩·當明伯 Tuomo Tammenpää
  • 助教 Teaching Assistant:黃瑋瑋Wei Wei Huang 、廖子宏Katherine Liao
  • 學員 Participants:陳毅勳 Ethan Chen、王振聲 Neil Wang、黃蓬舟 Pengzhou Huang、Claire Wang王藝樺 Claire Wang、簡玉筑 Yu-Chu Chien、李宗展 Zong-Jhan Li
  • 內容 Description:
    如何向未來傳送訊息?哪些訊息應該或不應被傳送?是否有人從過去向我們傳送訊息、但我們沒有收到?已經有人嘗試過將我們的核廢料警吿訊息傳送到十萬年後的未來,但貌似是個不可能的任務。 在本工作坊中,我們將採取較為趣味性的方式,並試圖模擬不同時間尺度、各種情境下的知識傳送——由十秒到一千萬年。選擇傳送的知識內容將從我們的文化中提取——也許是詩、也許是可自我執行的程式碼、也許是食譜、也許是某種遊戲的規則。
    Michael Madsens documentary “Into Eternity” (2010) addresses the challenges of marking a nuclear waste repository hidden 500 meters under Finnish bedrock as dangerous for next 100.000 years. How do you send a simple message of: “Danger - keep away’ that far ahead in the future when the recipients likely represent completely different cultures, languages with unkown sets of symbols? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1194612/?ref_=nv_sr_1 In this workshop, we take more playful approach and try to map various scenarios for knowledge transfer over different timespans, from 10 seconds to 10 million years - distilled bits of our culture, maybe poems, maybe self-executable code, maybe recipies of our food, maybe rules of our games. Besides the conceptual part of it, we will also dive into some materials, make things, drawings in the air and carvings in stone.
  • 工具 Software/equipment/material: see"course materials"
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