2010 pa workshop_Module H_DIY 工具造社區 Generic Infrastructures Community & Tools

  • 講師 Mentor:HONF- Venzha Christ、Irene Agrivina、Tommy Surya
  • 助教 Teaching Assistant:X
  • 學員 Participants:
  • 內容 Description: 如何建造開放社群的基礎建設?HONF 位於南亞開發中的國家之一,並無當地政府及相關團體的補助,10年以來一直是以非營利及自己自足的方式參與 DIY 思潮的活動,舉辦連結社群的活動,並著重於教育導向的跨領域合作。這次的工作坊將會以自製電路版與環境議題結合,從環境裡重新創造。
    How to built a generic infrastructures of an open community. HONF is located in South East Asia, coming from a developing country which is no support from the local government. Since 10 years ago HONF has been tried to self funded their activities, working with other institutions and facilitating many young communities movements with DIY concepts, inter disciplines and open communities through EFP ( Education Focus Program) The workshops will explain how to built an analog circuit that produce aesthetic works. How to make a works that use full for the environments around, and it will built from the environment it self.
  • 工具 Software/equipment/material:
  • 參考資料 Reference:
  • 筆記、心得 Notes, Records
  • 成品/半成品/實驗品或延伸的成果 Creation:

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